NZCA Lines – Infinite Summer | Clash Magazine

“A more immersive, majestic and ultimately engaging release than album one. Don’t expect ‘Infinite Summer’ to gravitate the commercial stardom of genre-spearheads Phoenix and Hot Chip, but while Lovett continues to shoot for the moon NZCA will orbit ever closer.” NZCA Lines – Infinite Summer / Clash Magazine Advertisements

Everything Everything – Get To Heaven | The News Hub

“Accessible – yet outlandish, externally buoyant – yet lyrically resentful; each individual track on the record offers a fresh palette of ideas in essence of debut album Man Alive” Everything Everything – Get To Heaven / The News Hub

Tame Impala – Currents | Exposed Magazine

“The LP spits out hit after hit amongst a selection of mysterious interludes that seem to appear as quickly as they diminish into Tame Impala’s cloud of drugged utopianism. ‘Gossip’ for example sounds like backing arpeggios to Chris Tarrant’s questions on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, before a self-conscious twitching guitar solo hesitantly hovers…

Wolf Alice – Live | Exposed Magazine

“Whilst it would be patronising and quite offensive to praise Wolf Alice purely on the basis of showcasing a (very) talented ‘female’ lead, the truth is that Ellie Roswell is becoming a cultural icon for a host of charged-up and angst-ridden girls on a mission to cease their gender’s glaring underrepresentation at gigs and festivals.” Wolf…

Prins Thomas – Paradise Goulash | Clash Magazine

“Not only is this arsenal of obscurities as insightful as it is successful in championing the Norwegian’s fascination with retro-futurism, the sinuous and astutely developed tracklist is prevented from disintegrating to an indistinguishable slurry of sound and matter. Paradise Goulash boils down to a relatable and nostalgic offering to electronic aficionados and novices alike. In…

Lonelady – Live | Exposed Magazine

“Lo-fi guitar twiddlings jigged in a melodically but unimaginative and samey fashion. On record Lonelady’s synths complement the atmosphere created by weaving stealthily between the sound of the guitar, however in the live arena they squawked an octave too high” Lonelady – Live @ Abbeydale Picture House Sheffield / Exposed Magazine

East India Youth – Live | Exposed Magazine

“Maybe I’m stuck in the past, but it’s become a rarity to stumble across a solo artist who successfully performs original IDM these days – often we are presented with a flippant knob-twiddling DJ playing a pre-recorded mixtape that is more David Guetta then 80s krautrock. However, supported by eloquent singer-songwriter Hannah Peel, whose sounds…

Django Django – Live | Exposed Magazine

“A new groovy tone complementing Django Django’s trademark sweet ‘Beach Boys’ reminiscent harmonies, alongside ‘Pink Floyd’ style guitar strums, had an animated crowd throwing the wildest of shapes in tonight’s packed-out Plug venue.” Django Django – Live @ Plug Sheffield / Exposed Magazine

Tropic of Youth – Live | Exposed Magazine

  “If you were to close your eyes during ‘You’ or the Bombay Bicycle-esque ‘Hot Season’, it would be half feasible to believe you’re legs up on a hammock under a palm tree on paradise island whilst drinking your favourite coconut infused cocktail” Tropic of Youth – Live @ Tramlines / Exposed Magazine