Metronomy – A Complete Guide | Clash Magazine

‘The woozily frenetic polk-tronica of ‘Black Eye/Burnt Thumb’ forms the album climax, whilst the nostalgic saxophones of ‘Love Song For Dog’ smother lashings of ice cream-van melody and schizophrenic drums; proving there is beauty to be found amongst this fidgety Nintendo electro.’Metronomy Guide / Clash Magazine Advertisements

Marketing Blog | Tramlines Festival

‘if scenes of swamped fields this summer made you question your love of festivals, then fear not – Tramlines ditches muddy campsites for sprawling inner-city music’ Tramlines – Blog

Ardyn – Interview | Tramlines Festival

Ardyn is the Latin for ‘enthusiastic’, but a sense of dread often surfaces in your material. This is perhaps most prominent on the eerily sparse ‘The Garden’ and ‘Universe’ which begins in Radiohead territory, but seems to arrive at somewhere more hopeful towards its conclusion. What inspired this depth of emotion? “The Garden was inspired…