Official Programme – Tramlines Festival

Official 2016 event programme (credit can be found via page.50)

Giant Swan – ‘What’s possibly more surreal than this duo’s unfathomable soup of frenzied drone, is that the whole shebang is curated entirely from two guitars, vocals and some pedals. Dedicated to improvisation as opposed to formulaic set lists – no two Giant Swan shows are the same.’

Hybrid Vigour DJs –Hybrid Vigour, the Steel City’s chief enforcers of rhythm, experimentation and international music, donate their services to the Saturday evening’s eclectic and leftfield Millennium Gallery bill. Some transitions will flow like the smooth glug of milk into a cereal bowl, whilst others will jar like a lucozade bottle thrown to the head – according to the brains behind the decks.’

Negative Midas Touch – ‘Hauntingly resembling creaking mechanics in ghost-ridden factories, the Sheffield-born brainchild of Bethany Patrick is the height of industrial experimentalism. Incepted in mid-2015, NMT’s reverberated howls and staticky monastic chanting are as eerie as they are abrasive – and quite simply must be heard live to be fully explored.’

Cut Chemist – Aka Lucas MacFadden (ex-Jurrasic 5 member), Cut Chemist has been spinning esteemed records and challenging hip-hop production with music theory ideals for over 20 years now. The producer’s countless collaborations with a diverse range of artists mean that his sets have not only become a musical feast, but a cultural education that continues to push the envelope.’


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