Cowtown – Interview | Outlines Festival

Although you’ve been around for well over a decade now, 2016 also struck itself as a time where you finally appeared on the radars of some pretty big media outlets. The Guardian tipped their hats to you in their Bluedot rundown, and a handful of glowing reviews appeared before the release of ‘Paranormal Romance’. Does this positive national press encourage you in any way, or are you more comfortable with a local reputation?

“Interesting question. Paranormal Romance is the first release we’ve put out that had the assistance of a press agent and, what do you know, if you get help in that area it’s surprisingly easy to pick up some reasonable press coverage. It’s a strange thing to spend money on but it works. We’re more than comfortable with our grassroots local rep but it’s also nice to be a blip on the radar from time to time.” Cowtown Interview / Outlines Festival


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