Metronomy – Interview (cover feature) | Exposed Magazine

‘His lack of ego is what makes Mount one of the most likeable in the game; he couldn’t be further from the jumped-up rockstar archetype. But whilst he’s no closer to destroying guitars and stage diving during sets, he’s managed to break free from the shackles of insecurity. “I think I’ve just made my peace with it, really. The point at which you stop worrying about what you might have to prove is the point at which it all comes together. You can’t force it, but it’s impossible to not think about it for a period of time. I mean, now, we just genuinely enjoy it and that comes across more than it ever did before.” Metronomy – Interview (pg.28-33) / Exposed Magazine19905087_10213975681855092_5363454523762849344_n-1


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