Substance Festival – Preview / Hull UK City of Culture 2017

‘Hull, Portrait of a City – possibly the only place you can find a 12-year-old Elvis impersonator, a girl practising ballet and chip-shop patties side-by-side. “It’s about the characters and personalities in the portraits that I’ve done” explained co-curator Martin Parr in a recent interview with Hull 2017; Hull, Portrait Of A City captures individual stories and micro-cultures from a…

Metronomy – A Complete Guide / Clash Magazine

‘The woozily frenetic polk-tronica of ‘Black Eye/Burnt Thumb’ forms the album climax, whilst the nostalgic saxophones of ‘Love Song For Dog’ smother lashings of ice cream-van melody and schizophrenic drums; proving there is beauty to be found amongst this fidgety Nintendo electro.’Metronomy Guide / Clash Magazine